Map of London

Edition: 9 (2017)

Size: 113 x 176 mm

Size unfolded: 963 x 686 mm

Scale: 1:11,800 (approx.)

ISBN: 978-1898929-581

Price: £2.95


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Printed on one side only, the fold of this map enables the user to make quick reference to all the content without the need to open out the entire sheet.


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  • map extends from Notting Hill Gate to Tower of London and King's Cross to Oval
  • index to places of interest with star ratings classification
  • Theatreland map with index to theatres and cinemas
  • visitors' bus routes map for central London
  • mini shopping guide
  • guide to tourist services and information
  • quick-view index to streets
  • Underground map for central London on back cover